What is Image Management

Did you know that people form an opinion about you within the first 3 seconds of having met you. This opinion is based on their perceived impression of you. And how do they reach a perception? On the basis of the message you communicate. And this message comes from your image.

Have you ever wondered...

  • What constitutes image?
  • Are you projecting the right image for the occasion?
  • Do you know the reasons behind the image you project?
  • Does your image have the desired influence on people?

What is Image Management?

Image management is nothing but being able to control the impact of your image on yourself, on others and on the rate of your success. It is the ability to manage all the elements of your image - clothes, grooming, body language, etiquette and vocal communication - to create a positive and powerful impression.

What constitutes Image Management?

Unlike personality development seminars or grooming and make-up classes image management does not imply focusing only on the inside or conversely, only on the outside. The real art lies in creating an image based on the Inside and projecting it based on the Outside. It combines the different aspects of a person including the inner self, characteristics as well as the different roles the person takes on and the situations he/she is in.

Why do You need to Manage your Image?

Your image will speak to people, whether you wished for that to happen or not! In such a case, would you like to exercise control about what impression you leave behind or leave it to chance?

Making a conscious effort towards your image will make you link your image to the achievement of your goal. You will be aware of the impact you are having on people and on a situation. And what's better is that you will be able to change it.

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  • December 10

    In Life you never get a second chance to create a first impression.

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    If you cannnot be better tomorrow, why wait for tomorrow.

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    Image Consulting is not rocket science. It's harder.